Planning reliability for our bestseller BeagleCore™

10. March 2021

Our customers quickly recognized that the soldering modules show their economic advantage, especially with higher quantities, when we presented our BeagleCore ™ 5 years ago. With its small size of just 48 x 31 mm, it is predestined for use in industrial and professional applications.

Another advantage is certainly the implementation in terms of an open source hardware. For us as iesy, this means that customers can take a look at the source code and the circuit diagram of the design. This is important to us in terms of transparent communication, as the complete change history of older hardware & software versions can be taken via GitHub. Open source also means that customers are offered a transparent & fully disclosed licensing model upfront, based on the terms of use and standard license agreements of the non-profit Creative Commons Corporation. 

This has been increasingly recognized by our customers in recent years, so that a large number now rely on our well-known BeagleCore™. The computer module is especially suited for use in existing designs or existing & running applications. 

Despite the continuous further development of solder modules in terms of scalability and performance, as most recently with the Open Standard Module™, the BeagleCore™ will continue to be available worldwide. It is conceivable that the BeagleCore™ will be upgraded and equipped with more RAM and/or flash memory.

Here you can find all product details: 

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