Autonomous driving

Autonomous driving

Sophisticated and utterly compact camera system

The autonomous steering of unmanned vehicles on land, air and sea poses huge challenges to hardware and software. Quality and reliability of the images rendered are of particular importance. iesy has developed a HDR camera module which integrates low light compatibility, HD resolution and 24/7 operability - all of these essential criteria in military applications.

It was developed with a focus on providing a complete solution for tough environmental conditions in military usage scenarios. The HDR camera system developed by iesy is modular, utterly compact and features several FPGA mainboards with high sensor accuracy. It is suitable for operation at day or night and comes with a passive cooling solution. Beyond project management and conceptual design of the entire system, iesy was also responsible for hardware and software development as well as materials procurement and series production. This unique custom solution that fulfills all requirements was developed in less than one year.

Technical data

Camera case 

  • Dimensions: approx. 94 mm x approx. 57 mm x approx. 89 mm
  • Material: aluminium, surface-finished
  • Processing: half shells milled from solid material
  • Holder: Lens holder (1-inch outer diameter), C-mount
  • Protection class: IP64/IP65
  • Optional: IR-Cut Filter

Sensor board

  • Dimensions: approx. 50 mm x approx. 44 mm
  • Sensor: UDR / HDR sensor
  • Lens form factor: 2/3-inch with rolling shutter
  • Resolution: 1920 Pixel x 1080 Pixel
  • Pixel size: 5.0 μm x 5.0 μm
  • Maximum frame rate: 60fps (WDR), 30fps (HDR)
  • Dynamic range: > 88 dB @ 60fps, > 120 dB @ 30fps

FPGA motherboard

  • Dimensions: approx. 50 mm x approx. 44 mm
  • Functions & Interfaces:
    • 1 x FPGA-to-FPGA interface
    • 1 x FPGA data interface
    • 1 x camera interface
    • 1 x DDR3 with 512 MB  

Connector board

  • Dimensions: approx. 80 mm x approx. 44 mm
  • power supply: 12 V-DC, +/- 5 %
  • Functions & Interfaces:
    • 1 x FPGA data interface
    • 1 x GBit Ethernet 1000 Base-T
    • 1 x 3G-HDI interface
    • 1 x Peltier power supply
    • 2 x LED

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