Audio Streaming

Server for high definition audio

Proof point for iesy’s expertise in hardware and software solutions for professional audio and studio equipment applications is the development and manufacturing of a custom multichannel streaming server used for wireless transmission of audio content in high-end quality. We are particularly proud to have obtained CSA certification for the system at the very first attempt.

This high-end audio streaming server was developed for a leading manufacturer in high-definition audio streaming with the highest requirements in terms of quality, performance and sophisticated technical parameter. The system was launched in 2014 and has since been continuously developed further. It was already clear during the initial stages of development that certification through the Canadian Standards Associatin (CSA) would be required. The process of obtaining such certification is generally viewed difficult among experts. However, iesy successfully completed the certification process at the first attempt.

When developing the 19 inch server for real-time audio streaming, we put particular emphasis on the flexibility of the hardware to enable very different configurations and to accommodate country-specific requirements. When developing the hardware and the corresponding 19 inch casing (1HE), we were particularly keen to render the audio playback with minimum interference so that different high-definition audio streams can be streamed simultaneously and with low latency to receiver devices that are wireless LAN-enabled. From conceptual design to the development of hardware and software, prototyping and certification according to international standards plus series production and model maintenance - all stages of the project were in the capable hands of iesy.

Technical data

  • Processor: Intel® Atom™ D2550 (2 × 1.86 GHz, 1 MB cache, 10 W)
  • Cooling: Passive, without any movable parts that could cause wear. Alternatively: Heat spreader or heat sink
  • RAM: 1GB DDR3
  • Graphics controller: on board; supports all common desktop resolutions
  • Power supply: 9 ... 36 V-DC
  • Dimensions: 250 mm × 145 mm × 30 mm
  • Slots:
    • 1 × CF socket for type I und II, bootable
    • 1 × SD / MicroSD socket for flash extensions
  • Functions and interfaces:
    • 1 × 10/100/1000 Mbit BASE-T ethernet
    • 1 × 10/100 Mbit EtherCAT®
    • 4 × USB 2.0
    • 1 × VGA
    • 1 × coin cell for real-time clock
    • Plug connector for housing fan

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