Conferencing system

Conferencing system

Hardware for central control unit

Professional conferencing systems control several hundred terminals and offer optimum voice quality and high-level availability at press conferences or plenary sessions. iesy developed central control units for market leaders. The systems feature manifold inputs and outputs for wireless and wired audio transmission in digital quality.

Modern conferencing systems pose quite a challenge to technology: On the one hand, a variety of channels must be embedded for wireless operation; interference and intermodulation must be eliminated. On the other, flexibility and failure safety plus high audio quality must be guaranteed. Accordingly, audio conferencing systems must be designed to meet a variety of requirements. For around 10 years, iesy has supplied market leaders with the key hardware component for the control and management of wireless and wired microphones. 

The first devices were launched in 2008 and the hardware of the central unit has since been developed further across several product generations, all done by iesy. Some of the technical parameters supported by this hardware include secure communication through AES encryption, electrical balanced XLR connectors plus a variety of modern and open interfaces. From conceptual design to the development of hardware and software, prototyping and series production - all stages of the project were carried out by iesy. Thanks to our systematic and continuous development of this central control unit, it has been used all around the globe by sophisticated customers - always with hardware coming from iesy.

Technical data

COM Express Modules

  • COM Express-PM 373
    • Processor: Ultra Low Voltage Intel® Celeron® M 373
    • Production technology: 90nm Dothan Core
    • CPU clock: 1.0 GHz
    • 2nd level cache: 512 kB
    • CPU core voltage: 0.94 V
    • Power consumption processor: approx. 5 W
    • Northbridge: Intel® 82915GM with 400 MHz FSB
    • Southbridge: Intel® ICH-6M
  • COM Express-PM 738
    • Processor: Low Voltage Intel® Pentium® M 738
    • Production technology: 90nm Dothan Core
    • CPU clock: 1.4 GHz
    • 2nd level cache: 2 MB
    •  CPU core voltage: 1,116 V
    • Power consumption processor: approx. 10 W
    • Northbridge: Intel® 82915GM with 400 MHz FSB
    • Southbridge: Intel® ICH-6M
  • COM Express-CD L2400
    • Processor: Low Voltage Intel® CoreTM Duo L2400
    • Production technology: 65nm Yonah Dual-Core
    • CPU clock: 1.66 GHz
    • 2nd level cache: 2 MB
    • CPU core voltage: 1 - 1,2125 V
    • Power consumption processor: approx. 15 W
    • Northbridge: Intel® 82945GM with 667 MHz FSB
    • Southbridge: Intel® ICH-7M

COM Express Baseboard

  • Functions & Interfaces
    • 2 x USB 2.0 port
    • 1 x VGA analog port
    • 1 x 10/100/1000 MBit Base-T Ethernet port
    • 1 x 10/100 MBit Base-T Ethernet port
    • 1 x Compact Flash socket, for type I/II cards, without ejector, not from outside open to the public
  • Power supply
    • 12 V-DC External input
  • Equipment options
    • 1 x SD Card socket, SDIO 2.0
    • 1 x button cell for real time clock
    • 1 x plug connector for case fan

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