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Embedded systems from iesy are at the core of numerous ticket machines. Point of Sale ticket machines have high technological requirements: high availability, little power consumption, extended temperature range, vibration stability and scalability, to name just a few.

Hardware from iesy has been integrated in many different ticketing solutions for many years. It meets all the necessary requirements, from stationary or mobile ticket machines to various payment systems both for cash and card payment, audio or video support, individual customization or whatever other project requirements may be necessary. Modular solutions from iesy enable PoS manufacturers to be more efficient and flexible. For many years, the market leaders in ticketing have used our reliable and mature hardware solutions in their PoS, even across several product generations. Quality made in Germany is the essence of each individual project, paired with longevity and long-term availability at very good cost for money. iesy is a strong player in public transport when it comes to the development of ticket machines for use in trains or train stations, on platforms or bus stops.

Technical data

  • Processor: Intel® Atom™ N450 dual core / Core™2 Duo P8400
  • Processor rate: 2 × 1.66 GHz / 2 × 2.26 GHz
  • Cooling: passive / active; regulated fan is integrated in passive heat sink
  • RAM: up to 4 GB DDR2 / up to 8 GB DDR3
  • Measurements (W × D × H): 320 mm × 175 mm × 65 mm + interface board
  • Power supply: 14 V ... 30 V-DC wide range input
  • Features and slots on-board:
    • 1 × CFAST socket, bootable
    • 1 × CF socket for type I und II, bootable
    • 1 × mini PCIe socket half-size / full-size with USIM interface and SIM card holder
    • 1 × mSATA / mini PCIe socket half-size / full-size
    • 1 × SATA SSD/HDD socket on-board
  • Features & interfaces via additional board:
    • 16 × serial interface RS 232
    • 3 × GBit ethernet via on-board switch; of which 1 × 4 kV electrically isolated
    • 5 × USB 2.0
    • 1 × analogue video output; VGA
    • 2 × digital video outputs; LVDS + DVI-D (does not come with Atom™ N450)
    • 1 × stereo sound; microphone-in, line-out
    • 1 × PWM fan control
    • 1 × coin cell for real-time clock
    • 1 × power management controller
    • 12 × status LED

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