The new standard in embedded computing. May we introduce: The first solder-on modules of the Open Standard Module™ series. 

iesy AM62xx OSM-LF - a cost-effective SoM based on the AM62x from Texas Instruments

The AM62x Sitara™ MPU processors are designed for Linux applications®. Featuring the scalable ARM® Cortex-A53® and embedded features such as dual-display support and 3D graphics acceleration, as well as an extensive selection of peripherals, suitable for a wide range of industrial & automotive applications while providing intelligent features, and an optimized power architecture.  

OSM partnership launched with Mitwell Inc.

Since 2019, the challenges of miniaturization, scalability and cost efficiency in the embedded industry have never been greater. With the development of Open Standard Module as well as the goal to drive a uniform standardization of computer modules, iesy GmbH as a founding member has set itself the task to market OSM worldwide.

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The iesy Repositories Clearly structured and easy to use

Our iesy repositories were developed with the aim to provide you with relevant documents, files and codes for our OSM products in a clearly arranged way. The iesy repositories are platforms on which content from the areas of hardware and software is made clearly accessible.

Product Development Blog - New

You can now get the latest information from product development via our Product Development Blog (PDB). Our focus is to provide you with relevant information on our computer modules in a timely manner. Developers and project managers in particular benefit from this service.

Specification 1.1 and Design Guide available Open Standard Module™

On the part of the Standardization Group for Embedded Technologies (SGET), two significant innovations were announced in May 2022 for the standard of solder modules introduced in 2019.

Thus, the new OSM specification 1.1 as well as the first design guide were presented. Our Managing Director Martin Steger, who is also Chairman of the Standard Development Team (SDT) at SGET, looks back on many months of hard work. The trend for OSM to establish itself as the world's first open, multi-vendor and scalable standard for solder modules continues to progress. The new specification 1.1 does justice to this rapid evolution of the OSM standard.

News - Immer up to date mit iesy

In a nutshell: The latest information about our company, our projects and products. Learn what drives us. Videos, social media posts, scientific articles and many more: We keep you updated with new developments at iesy. If you require images, logos or interviews we’re happy to help you at presse@iesy.com.

Team - Wir sind für Sie da

It doesn’t matter if you already have concrete solutions or have to specify your requirements. We help you. From the concept, to the first prototypes, to series production. Contact us and benefit from our successful implementation approach. True to our motto – This is simple. This is iesy.

Geschichte - Vom Anfang bis zur Gegenwart

The history of iesy. Ever since its foundation in 1966 as Industrie Elektronic Schmitz KG, our company has been owner-run without interruption. Originally an automation specialist, we started developing innovative technologies for embedded computing in 1997 - and from 2009 onwards continued at the Meinerzhagen location.

Auszeichnungen - Nominierungen, Preise und Awards

iesy develops innovative technical solutions and products that set new benchmarks. We strive to achieve nothing but the highest quality. Numerous nominations and awards from national as well as international experts give us credit for our achievements. But see for yourself.

Partnerschaften - Gut vernetzt für optimale Lösungen

iesy makes the connection. We rely on mutual, trustful cooperation with longstanding technology partners.  Noted market leaders in embedded computing count among our strategic suppliers. The synergies of our excellent network form the basic strength from which we develop long-term quality and from which we drive innovation in our products and services.

Mitgliedschaften - Engagiert und gut vernetzt

iesy assumes responsibility. We want to help shape the future. That’s why we are a member of various associations and institutions. More than that, we take our Corporate Citizenship engagement seriously and share our expertise with excellence networks and standardization committees.

Media library
Mediathek: Videos, Bildmaterial, PDFs und mehr

In our iesy media library you will find videos, pictures, pdf and more about our company, products and services as well as about news and people. For further files (logos, fonts, etc.) in print resolution or for certain media, please contact pr@iesy.com directly - further distribution is only permitted with explicit written consent.

Module - Plattformen zur Produktentwicklung

Embedded computer-on-modules (COMs) and system-on-modules (SOMs) provide reliable, long-term available platforms for your product developments. Our standard portfolio consists of small and affordable BeagleCore modules that are individually soldered on, energy-efficient and highly scalable Qseven and SMARC modules as well as high-performance COM Express modules.

Boards - Standardisiert oder kundenspezifisch

iesy offers a carefully selected portfolio of standard, semi-custom and full-custom computer boards. Designed for use in the most diverse industries, environmental conditions and applications, our full range of platforms, interfaces, functionalities and solutions is at your disposal. Inquire after the particular board that matches your application.

Systeme - Vom Tablet bis zum Rackserver

The development of customized embedded systems and the individual adaptation of standardized all-in-one systems are two of iesy’s core skills. We also offer various systems of different devices and form factors such as 19 inch, industrial and panel PCs, tablets, notebooks, box PCs, etc. We’ll be happy to help you choose.

Software - Programmierung für Embedded Systeme

We specialize in the development and adaptation of embedded software - BIOS, boot loaders, firmware, drivers, operating systems, middleware as well as Internet of Things and Cloud applications. Enjoy the benefits you get from our innovative hardware and software solutions from one single source. That way, you economize on your own resources and make your applications more flexible and powerful.

Zubehör - Umfangreiches Angebot und höchste Qualität

iesy offers a comprehensive range of accessories for embedded systems. We offer anything from cooling solutions like heat spreaders or fans to starter kits and industrial memory to power supply. We also offer matching evaluation kits such as Eval Carrier boards for our embedded modules, e.g. Qseven, SMARC or COM Express.


In the iesy webshop you can order modules, complete systems, accessories or support quickly and easily online. In addition to COM Express, Qseven and SMARC modules from Kontron, congatec and other leading manufacturers you will find interesting products, solutions and bundles from the embedded computing sector.

Healthcare - Lösungen für Medizin- und Labortechnik

Do you require hardware solutions for medical and laboratory technologies? We offer innovative, intelligent and networked solutions for rugged high-performance computing boards and systems which are individually planned, developed and manufactured according to your requirements. If you so prefer, we will even develop software and carry out conformity tests according to your instructions.

Avionics - Störungssicher, robust und leistungsstark

Are you looking for computing solutions for aerospace or military applications? The development of fail-safe, MIL-compliant solutions with an extended temperature range counts among our key skills. Our embedded systems for Avionics are characterized by the highest quality and reliability - inquire about our custom solutions.

Point of Sale
Point of Sale (PoS) - Leistungsstark, energieeffizient und vielseitig

Are you a provider of Point of Sale terminals, ticket machines or interactive gaming and kiosk solutions? We offer custom hardware and software at the highest safety and reliability levels. Whether powerful COM Express modules or compact and versatile embedded NUC systems: We develop your individual solution jointly with you.

Industrial - Robuste Lösungen für Industrie 4.0

Are you planning developments for industrial or home automation? Numerous market leaders from this industry have integrated our energy-efficient and scalable embedded solutions in their products for many product generations. They benefit from custom software and hardware with or without user interface, e.g. for DIN rail computers or M2M solutions.

Communication - Vielseitige und zukunftsorientierte Lösungen

Do you require support in the development of communication and server hardware? Jointly with you we will plan, develop and produce innovative and powerful solutions, based on your individual requirements and needs. We are your partner along every step of the product lifecycle: from planning and development to support.

Equipment - Hightech für professionelle Lösungen

Do you require high end solutions for professional equipment? We support you every step of the way - from conceptual design and hardware development to testing and manufacturing of components and the certification of the entire system according to international standards. Because simple technology is iesy.

Beratung - Das ist iesy

We are your partner in every step of the entire development process: from your first idea to the finished electronics product. You can rely on our longstanding experience in all aspects - from consulting to series production. We invite you to see for yourself just how fair and cooperative we are. This is simple. This is iesy.

Project planning
Projektierung - Alles im Blick

Planning, project development and documentation are the cornerstones of our daily work. We pride ourselves in making the development of customer projects transparent and trackable. Our iesy project management system allows for precise scheduling, optimum cost structure and transparency of project parameters.

Hardware engineering
Hardwareentwicklung - Innovativ, erfahren, effizient

Based on 200 man-years’ worth of experience in the development of electronic components we guarantee that circuit diagrams, parts lists and board layouts meet the highest requirements. We use the latest development environments and processes, apply proven workflows and cooperate with strong technology partners to offer customized solutions.

Software engineering
Softwareentwicklung - Vom BIOS bis zur App

We offer software that is perfectly tuned to your hardware - from BIOS to modified drivers and individual applications and apps. Our longstanding expertise in the development of C++ and Java projects is blended with our competence in user experience and usability to achieve the ideal combination of performance and operability.

System development
Systementwicklung - Komplettlösungen von iesy

We develop complete solutions of high quality for industrial, medical, laboratory or military applications. Our longstanding experience in the development of mechanical, thermal and electrical components plus our focus on usability and longevity make us your ideal project partner for your system development.

Prototypenbau - Schneller von der Idee zum Modell

Do you require functional models or prototypes on short notice? We have well established prototyping processes to manufacture mechanical or electrical samples in single piece production or small series.  Use our beta testing services to analyze feasibility and to minimize development risks.

Inbetriebnahme - Sicher an den Start

We apply all tasks necessary to prepare your hardware for the acceptance test. The iesy project management system employs pre-defined project schedules to guarantee consistent quality management across all production steps and to ensure the highest level of quality. We are looking back on more than 50 years of experience in adopting complex systems and applications.

Conformity testing
Normprüfung - Zertifiziert für Ihre Anwendung

Are you considering selling your new product on a global scale? Make use of our expertise and experience to test the technical features of your development for their conformity with relevant standards. We cooperate with accredited measurement labs to conduct EMC testing, climate testing, environmental assessments as well as certifications according to national and international standards, e.g. SIL, CSA or CE specifications.

Volume production
Serienproduktion - Preisoptimaler Serienlieferant

An OEM supplier for electronic solutions, we cooperate with our certified EMS partners to offer you top quality series production of your products. We take care of all services along the way and keep a focus on efficiency, deadlines and quality. You can get all the benefits of our perfectly tuned processes even if you require only small and medium volumes.

Distribution - Baugruppen, Komplettsysteme und Zubehör

Do you require additional assemblies and components for embedded computing technologies? We support you not only in the procurement of discontinued (or End Of Life) products but also in all queries you might have about obsolescence and life cycle management. Make use of our global network of information and suppliers to procure your desired products in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

Qualität - Transparenz und Zuverlässigkeit

Our customers appreciate the high reliability of our embedded solutions. Well documented and transparent workflows as well as ongoing improvement processes result in the highest level of quality made in Germany. This is guaranteed by our quality management processes which involve systematic, regular audits of suppliers and processes according to DIN-ISO 9001:2015 standard.