Project planning

Project planning

Everything in view

Planning, project development and documentation are the cornerstones of our daily work. We pride ourselves in making the development of customer projects transparent and trackable. Our iesy project management system allows for precise scheduling, optimum cost structure and transparency of project parameters.

Throughout our company history, major projects have always been an important part of our business. As a specialized automation company for power plants and energy suppliers around the globe we have a guaranteed supply commitment for up to 15 years, so we are keenly aware of just how important it is to plan, design and document the entire process.

Our iesy project management system concentrates all aspects of project development in a single tool, which makes your development projects transparent and comprehensible. The proper tools and our longstanding experience ensure that your project is carried out rapidly, with optimum cost structure and maximum access to all project parameters. Upon completion of a project, we retain the entire documentation for at least 10 years without any costs or obligations on your side.

Project planning - Everything in view