Get off to a safe start

We apply all tasks necessary to prepare your hardware for the acceptance test. The iesy project management system employs pre-defined project schedules to guarantee consistent quality management across all production steps and to ensure the highest level of quality. We are looking back on more than 50 years of experience in adopting complex systems and applications.

More than 50 years of experience in implementing complex systems and setups are a credit to iesy. All approval processes are consistently and comprehensibly documented, which is the prerequisite for sustained product quality of our custom-designed and manufactured computer modules. This applies to everything you want to implement - whether prototypes, plants or series devices.

Four-eye principle prior to release

At iesy we follow the dual control principle in which the commissioning engineer systematically follows the release procedure previously established for design quality review. This is done in consultation with the responsible development team. Issues and recommendations arising in the course of this procedure are directly incorporated into the re-design of a computer module. All procedures necessary for the testing and implementation of electronic systems and components are documented in comprehensive test instructions. Throughout the assessment of serial devices, a project-specific test protocol is written and attached to each delivered module.

The clear allocation of serial numbers and their management forms an integral part of our obligation to comprehensively document all manufacturing and implementation steps. To accomplish this task, iesy has developed its own comprehensive software solution which is part of the iesy project management system.