Custom Controller IK33


iesy offers a carefully selected portfolio of standard, semi-custom and full-custom computer boards. Designed for use in the most diverse industries, environmental conditions and applications, our full range of platforms, interfaces, functionalities and solutions is at your disposal. Inquire after the particular board that matches your application.

Custom mainboards

Custom Mainboards - Kundenspezifisch angepasste Lösungen

Mainboards specifically adapted to customer requirements are iesy’s specialty. Whether semi-custom design based on COM Express, Qseven or SMARC, or full-custom design for ARM and x86 architectures: Customized carrier boards with high quality modules, components and processors of leading manufacturers are the cost-optimized solution for your application.

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Custom controllers

Custom Controller - Kundenspezifische Lösungen

Individual controllers are used in machine control units as well as in displays and the automation industry. Modern embedded PLC systems combine data processing and networking in one control system with flexible and versatile controller architecture and a modular connector system for controller, backplane and I/O modules.

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embedded NUC

MB115 - embedded NUC Board mit COM Express compact von iesy

embedded NUC™ is the name of a particularly compact and versatile form factor of the SGeT standardization group. It is similar to the popular Intel® NUC systems, yet specifically designed for industrial applications. embedded NUC™ computer boards made by iesy combine Qseven or COM Express compact modules with customizable baseboards and a variety of interfaces.

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Mini-ITX - Reichhaltige Features, ATX-kompatibel

Featuring 170 mm x 170 mm, Mini-ITX is the most universal single-board computer in our portfolio, electrically compatible with all common types of ATX power supply.  This form factor is perfectly suited for multimedia and gaming applications. Moreover, it provides high connectivity plus numerous industrial features, all of which are available long-term.

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Mini-STX - Leistungsstarke Micro-Server

With 140 mm × 147 mm in size, latest Intel Xeon processors and several 10 GbE interfaces, the Mini-STX form factor closes the gap between Mini-ITX and embedded NUC™. This makes Mini-STX particularly suitable for micro-servers in industrial environments, such as on the shop floor with demanding applications and high connectivity.

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Pico-ITX - Performance auf kleinstem Raum

With a size of just 100 x 72 mm, the Pico-ITX boards count among the smallest industrial single-board computers available for embedded systems. Low power consumption and a wide range of configurations make Pico-ITX SBCs from iesy highly interesting, not only for IoT or MsM applications but also for industry 4.0, medical, laboratory technologies, or transportation.

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