From idea to model in no time

Do you require functional models or prototypes on short notice? We have well established prototyping processes to manufacture mechanical or electrical samples in single piece production or small series. Use our beta testing services to analyze feasibility and to minimize development risks.

In order to give you an overall visual and haptic impression of your device, iesy manufactures single prototypes and functional models in no time. To this end, we rely on our long-standing suppliers and our own range of tooling to manufacture mechanical or electrical samples within a very short time. Even for single items.

iesy provides operable prototypes as well as functional models, including housing. We have flexible partners who can produce one-sided sample boards which can be SMD equipped within 24 hours. Furthermore, we offer a variety of other specialized services for multilayer, fine pitch and microvia technology through our well-established network of partners. In addition, we manufacture special cable lengths or wiring harnesses and offer them as customized accessories for prototypes as well as mass-manufactured embedded computer components.

Rapid prototyping

In order to make a valid assessment to see if your product can be realized according to plan, we manufacture one or several proof of concept prototypes. On the one hand, this speeds up the process of product development and on the other, it puts you on the safe side for series production at a later stage. In rapid prototyping, we combine hardware, software and mechanics to arrive at a version of the ultimate product that is close to the mature product for series production. This will either be tested among users, or introduced to investors (e.g. by way of crowd funding), or tested in our lab to validate our assumptions.

Prototyping - From idea to model in no time