Products - Modules und complete systems for your project


iesy is the technological market leader for innovative and sophisticated embedded computing solutions. Our product range includes computer modules, computer boards and systems as well as customer-specific developments in the field of software and hardware. Embedded systems from iesy are characterized by high scalability, maximum compatibility and long-term availability.


Module - Plattformen zur Produktentwicklung

Embedded computer-on-modules (COMs) and system-on-modules (SOMs) provide reliable, long-term available platforms for your product developments. Our standard portfolio consists of small and affordable BeagleCore modules that are individually soldered on, energy-efficient and highly scalable Qseven and SMARC modules as well as high-performance COM Express modules.

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Boards - Standardisiert oder kundenspezifisch

iesy offers a carefully selected portfolio of standard, semi-custom and full-custom computer boards. Designed for use in the most diverse industries, environmental conditions and applications, our full range of platforms, interfaces, functionalities and solutions is at your disposal. Inquire after the particular board that matches your application.

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Systeme - Vom Tablet bis zum Rackserver

The development of customized embedded systems and the individual adaptation of standardized all-in-one systems are two of iesy’s core skills. We also offer various systems of different devices and form factors such as 19 inch, industrial and panel PCs, tablets, notebooks, box PCs, etc. We’ll be happy to help you choose.

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Software - Programmierung für Embedded Systeme

We specialize in the development and adaptation of embedded software - BIOS, boot loaders, firmware, drivers, operating systems, middleware as well as Internet of Things and Cloud applications. Enjoy the benefits you get from our innovative hardware and software solutions from one single source. That way, you economize on your own resources and make your applications more flexible and powerful.

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Zubehör - Umfangreiches Angebot und höchste Qualität

iesy offers a comprehensive range of accessories for embedded systems. We offer anything from cooling solutions like heat spreaders or fans to starter kits and industrial memory to power supply. We also offer matching evaluation kits such as Eval Carrier boards for our embedded modules, e.g. Qseven, SMARC or COM Express.

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In the iesy webshop you can order modules, complete systems, accessories or support quickly and easily online. In addition to COM Express, Qseven and SMARC modules from Kontron, congatec and other leading manufacturers you will find interesting products, solutions and bundles from the embedded computing sector.

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