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Are you planning developments for industrial or home automation? Numerous market leaders from this industry have integrated our energy-efficient and scalable embedded solutions in their products for many product generations. They benefit from custom software and hardware with or without user interface, e.g. for DIN rail computers or M2M solutions.

System control Control modules for DIN rails
Anlagensteuerung - Steuerungsbaugruppen für Hutschienen

All around the globe, industrial automation is a key application area for embedded systems. It is particularly our DIN rail computers that are very popular. Depending on the application, the requirements vary widely. It is particularly our DIN rail computers that are very popular. Depending on the application, the requirements vary widely.

Operating units Industrial panel computers & HMIs
Bedieneinheiten - Industrielle Panel PCs & HMIs

Panel computers in industrial applications allow operation, monitoring and computing in one single device. They are particularly versatile, reliable and - when equipped with fully closed casing (IP65/IP66) - they are highly robust too. Even touch solutions with wide screen displays and large screen diagonals have become a very common sight.

Collection of shop floor data Fail-safe hardware with RFID
Betriebsdatenerfassung - Störungssichere Hardware mit RFID

For the collection of shop floor data as well as for complex logging systems, small, fanless devices are required that operate 24/7. Beyond aspects like compact shape, low energy consumption and a virtually maintenance-free system, multiple other challenges are posed by additional requirements from process reliability and operational safety as well as legal requirements.

Reflection-free touch screen IPS monitor for permanent operation
Blendfreier Touchscreen - IPS-Monitor für Dauerbetrieb

In a Europe-wide tender for the procurement of a monitor with extraordinary technical data, longevity as well as touch and gesture controls, iesy managed to stand out from international competition with a highly sophisticated and advanced solution. The result was a 21.5” full HD IPS monitor with impressive features.

Home automation system Compact hardware for smart homes
Hausautomationssystem - Kompakte Hardware für Smart Homes

Smart home solutions and other Internet of Things applications require high-tech to be confined to the smallest spaces and adapted software solutions to go with them. In the past few years, iesy has gained key skills in the area of power-saving embedded systems. We supply individual hardware and software to major providers with our portfolio ranging from the standard application itself to cloud applications and apps.

Data measurement and data collection System development for a data logger
Datenmessung & -erfassung - Systementwicklung für einen Datenlogger

Precision and quality are essential in the design and production of embedded computing solutions for measurement devices. iesy completed a computing component for high speed data measurement and data processing: Com Express modules with Intel Quadcore processors based on low power x86 were combined with high speed interfaces and passive cooling.