Avionics - Fail-safe, rugged and powerful Image rights


Are you looking for computing solutions for aerospace or military applications? The development of fail-safe, MIL-compliant solutions with an extended temperature range counts among our key skills. Our embedded systems for Avionics & Defense are characterized by the highest quality and reliability - inquire about our custom solutions.

Image data recording High-resolution, real-time graphics processing
Bilddatenerfassung - Hochauflösende Echtzeitgrafikverarbeitung

Aircraft systems for image data recording and analysis have very specific requirements in terms of compact size, vibration stability and performance. On top of that, they need a large number of interfaces to connect the entire system with other components. iesy has developed a custom computing board for mobile image data recording systems which is based on COM Express.

Autonomous driving Sophisticated and utterly compact camera system
Autonomes Fahren - Lichtstarkes und ultrakompaktes Kamerasystem

The autonomous steering of unmanned vehicles on land, air and sea poses huge challenges to hardware and software. Quality and reliability of the images rendered are of particular importance. iesy has developed a HDR camera module which integrates low light compatibility, HD resolution and 24/7 operability - all of these essential criteria in military applications.

Helicopter handling system Electronics for safe touchdown in rough waters
Helikopter Handling System - Elektronik für sicheres Landen bei rauer See

Specialized automatic conveying systems on board military ships guarantee that helicopters are safely secured to the ship deck and transferred to the hangar even in adverse weather conditions. The top quality computer technology provided by iesy operates reliably in all adverse weather conditions. It is highly durable and requires very little maintenance.

Ground station RPAS/UAS High-tech for safe flight operations
Bodenstation RPAS/UAS - Hightech für sicheren Flugbetrieb

Unmanned drones are among the most important future trends. In order to guarantee safe flight operations for Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) or Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), a ground station is required to enable efficient interaction and communication between man and machine. It is an area in which high-tech coming from iesy has been a proven technology for many years.

Mobile radar systems Hardware for remote control and evaluation
Mobile Radaranlagen - Hardware zum Fernsteuern und Auswerten

Highly sophisticated mobile radar systems are in high demand for ground, naval and aerial reconnaissance missions. Precision, failure safety, high performance and quality are the four essential requirements for the kind of hardware required for these purposes. Providing embedded computing systems that are utterly compact and equipped with powerful computers, iesy helps make the world a little safer.

Notebooks & fixtures Highly rugged hardware and mechanics
Notebooks & Halterungen - Extrem robuste Hardware und Mechanik

Sometimes you only know your limits when you reach them. At such a time it is important to have dependable and rugged solutions to rely on, all the more so when the lives of people are at stake. Our solutions for highly rugged notebooks and specifically adapted mechanical fixtures are used in military applications, among others.