Modules - Platform for product development


Embedded computer-on-modules (COMs) and system-on-modules (SOMs) provide reliable, long-term available platforms for your product developments. Our standard portfolio consists of small and affordable BeagleCore modules that are individually soldered on, energy-efficient and highly scalable Qseven and SMARC modules as well as high-performance COM Express modules.

Open Standard Module™

The solder-on modules of the Open Standard Modules™ series represent a sensible alternative. Especially with regard to flexibility and scalability, these can usually score thanks to their modular approach. Not to be neglected is the possibility of fully automatic assembly (SMT). This also has a positive effect on quality, as manual assembly steps are no longer necessary.

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COM Express

COM Express - Kompakt, leistungsstark und skalierbar

COM Express modules provide top performance and come in variable sizes in mini, compact, and basic form factors. The benefits of COM Express include scalability, flexibility and a general acceptance throughout the market. Together with our partners congatec and Kontron we offer COMe solutions, from rugged to high-end server module.

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Qseven - Geeignet für x86- und ARM-Architekturen

Qseven is a compact form factor (70 mm x 70 mm) for mobile and ultramobile embedded applications. Key benefits of the legacy-free Qseven standards are their compactness, small overall height, minimum power supply and suitability for systems with fanless cooling. Moreover, they enable the use of x86 and ARM architecture through a modular approach.

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sXBTi - SMARC 2.0 Modul von Kontron

Thanks to their variety of interfaces and their consistent support of x86 and ARM architectures, SMARC 2.0 modules are particularly suited for projects that require long-term availability. Developed for use in rough industrial conditions, SMARC offers the ideal ratio of assembly space and feature set for mobile applications and solutions.

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BeagleCore - Für Professional Maker

BeagleCore modules are small, affordable and ideal for use in industrial as well as professional consumer products. The open-source soldered modules present a key link between Maker boards and professional series production. Of stamp size, they combine key BeagleBone Black functionalities with comprehensive software compatibility.

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