Volume production

Volume production

Cost-optimized series supplier

An OEM supplier for electronic solutions, we cooperate with our certified EMS partners to offer you top quality series production of your products. We take care of all services along the way and keep a focus on efficiency, deadlines and quality. You can get all the benefits of our perfectly tuned processes even if you require only small and medium volumes.

We are your single source for services ranging from purchasing, logistics and warehousing to the manufacturing of electronic modules or complete systems. We grow with your needs - whether small, medium or large series. iesy mass-manufactures your products at the highest level and takes over all services that are related to series production, such as final inspection, packaging, logistics and support. We feel responsible for your product; as a reliable OEM partner we have been working as Life Cycle Manager in numerous projects. Quite often we see products through several years and stages of development and use all information recorded in the iesy project management system for the continuous improvement process right up to the product's relaunch.

iesy – even for small numbers

iesy provides you with the complete range of services even for small and medium quantities. You always benefit from our perfectly tuned processes, not only for purchasing and logistics but also for all other steps on your way to the finished product. Our passion for technology drives us. We love a good challenge – whether time-critical projects or other. Put us to the test with your project!

Volume production - Cost-optimized series supplier