Software - Programming for Embedded Systems


We specialize in the development and adaptation of embedded software - BIOS, boot loaders, firmware, drivers, operating systems, middleware as well as Internet of Things and Cloud applications. Enjoy the benefits you get from our innovative hardware and software solutions from one single source. That way, you economize on your own resources and make your applications more flexible and powerful.

BIOS & boot loader

BIOS & Bootloader - Für den perfekten Start Image rights

Embedded systems require software that is perfectly tuned to hardware. iesy has longstanding experience in the development and adaptation of BIOS and boot loaders for embedded computing solutions. If required, we can make project-specific adaptations, add or delete additional function blocks, or configure customer-specific parameters.

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OS & drivers

OS & Treiber - Hardware perfekt nutzen

By using the optimal operating system for your embedded solution, you can reduce power consumption, increase performance and make better use of resources. We have specialized in the project-specific adaptation of Linux, Windows and Android for embedded systems and offer you support for modifying of standard BSPs and drivers for your application.

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IoT & cloud

IoT & Cloud - Software und Konzepte

We make sure that sensors and actuators are able to connect to embedded systems and that data is transfered securely and smoothly to the cloud. We offer comprehensive solutions for Industry 4.0, IoT and M2M together with our network of highly specialized technology partners. Our approach is based on an innovative mix of standard solutions and project-specific adapted building blocks.

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Applikationen - Kundenspezifische Anwendungssoftware

Customized software gains you a competitive edge and ensures an optimal implementation of special business processes as well as a perfect utilization of hardware resources. Tailor-made applications deliver a particularly high economic benefit and also offer a significant advantage over standard programs when it comes to flexibility.

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Mobile apps

Mobile Apps - Nativ, Web, Hybrid oder Cross-Plattform Image rights

Do you need support in developing a mobile application? iesy provides front-end and back-end solutions with cloud connectivity for various application areas: whether native apps for iOS and Android, or cost-effective hybrid apps with web technologies - we offer know-how in hardware and software for high-performance and overall solutions worth their money.

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