Hardware engineering

Hardware engineering

Innovatice, proficient and efficient

Based on 200 man-years’ worth of experience in the development of electronic components we guarantee that circuit diagrams, parts lists and board layouts meet the highest requirements. We use the latest development environments and processes, apply proven workflows and cooperate with strong technology partners to offer customized solutions.

Custom solutions are our specialty. We take pride in our longstanding electronics expertise of more than 200 man-years and combine it with the latest development environments for printed circuit boards to deliver a comprehensive range of fully tested and frequently used function blocks for x86 and ARM architectures. Well established and proven workflows ensure that circuit boards, parts lists and PCB layouts meet your highest requirements.

iesy stands for maximum performance in the smallest space

As parts and components get smaller and requirements become more complex, vast experience and diligence is required to take full advantage of the rapidly progressing technical options available without compromising tight schedules and budgets. iesy is your reliable partner when it comes to hardware development. As an OEM partner to many well-known companies, we have already created a wide range of custom designs. And we will find just the right solution for your application, too. Put us to the test with your project!

Hardware engineering - Innovative, proficient and efficient