iesy AM62xx OSM-LF - a cost-effective SoM based on the AM62x from Texas Instruments

19. April 2023

The AM62x Sitara™ MPU processors are designed for Linux applications®. Featuring the scalable ARM® Cortex-A53® and embedded features such as dual-display support and 3D graphics acceleration, as well as an extensive selection of peripherals, suitable for a wide range of industrial & automotive applications while providing intelligent features, and an optimized power architecture.  

These applications include but are not limited to:  

  • Industrial HMI applications  

  • Charging stations for the e-mobility sector    

  • Near Field Communication in relation to access control in buildings  

  • Driver assistance systems   

Functions and interfaces in detail  

Industrial and automotive functional safety requirements can be met with the integrated Cortex-M4F cores and dedicated peripheral interfaces, all of which can be isolated from the rest of the AM62x processor.  

 The three-port Gigabit Ethernet switch features one internal port and two external ports with TSN support.  In addition, the extensive set of peripheral interfaces, enables system-level connectivity such as USB, MMC/SD, camera interface and more. The iesy AM62xx OSM-LF supports Secure Boot for IP protection with the integrated hardware security module (HSM) and offers advanced power management support for portable and power-sensitive applications.  

In addition to other numerous interfaces, the iesy AM62xx OSM-LF solder-on module with a size of 45 mm x 45 mm, like all Open Standard Modules™, offers the ability to flexibly address requirements, making it future-proof, cost-effective and scalable.   

Eval Kit - iesy AM62xx EVA-MI   

The basis of our iesy AM62xx EVA-MI Eval Kit is our baseboard. Designed in Mini-ITX format (170 mm x 170 mm), it is compact and the ideal platform for all kinds of tests and demonstrations. The Eval-Kit iesy AM62xx EVA-MI comes with the Size-L module iesy AM62xx OSM-LF directly pre-soldered. An AM62 quad-core A53 processor with 1.4 GHz is used on the module.   

The scope of delivery of the Eval Kit includes:  

  • microSD card with pre-installed iesy demo image.  

  • Click board ™ MIKROE-1200 (I2C EEPROM)  

  • Click board ™ MIKROE-4422 (SPI EEPROM)  

  • Micro USB for debug port and USB OTG