Information on the availability of electronic parts

Increased delivery times

22. February 2021

Since the beginning of this year we have noticed significantly increased delivery times for the procurement of electronic parts. Several suppliers of electronic components recently increased the standard delivery times for individual A-components without prior announcement, in some case more than 12 months.

We are currently seeing an allocation trend here that is expected to occupy our industry for the next 6-12 months due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.
Please keep this in mind when planning your upcoming projects. 
Place blanket orders as early as possible, allocate delivery schedules as early as possible, send us your forecast and inform us in time about possible changes in your planning. 
In addition, we assume that there will be short-term price increases on the part of suppliers. 

Please contact us! 
As usual, you can rely on us to provide you with the best possible support.