Specification 1.1 and Design Guide available

Open Standard Module™

7. June 2022

On the part of the Standardization Group for Embedded Technologies (SGET), two significant innovations were announced in May 2022 for the standard of solder modules introduced in 2019.

Thus, the new OSM specification 1.1 as well as the first design guide were presented. Our Managing Director Martin Steger, who is also Chairman of the Standard Development Team (SDT) at SGET, looks back on many months of hard work. The trend for OSM to establish itself as the world's first open, multi-vendor and scalable standard for solder modules continues to progress. The new specification 1.1 does justice to this rapid evolution of the OSM standard.

Design Guide introduced

With the release of the Design Guide, developers now have access to important information for the design of open standard modules in their own baseboards. For this purpose, the SGET community with its development teams is the ideal platform for the exchange between developers, semiconductor manufacturers, integrators and users.

With the current release and the improvements and enhancements it contains, a life cycle of more than ten years is assured for the OSM form factors.

The new design guide and version 1.1 of the specification are available for download free of charge from the SGET website: