The iesy Business Segments

8. February 2022

The requirements for an embedded solution can be very different. To be able to support our customers optimally, we distinguish between 3 business segments.

In the category Entry-Level Applications, cost-efficient products such as box PCs or solder-on modules of the OSM series are represented. These and similar technologies are often used in IoT applications.

In the High-Performance Application segment, we develop and manufacture products for customers who require a high level of computing power.

Examples are applications in the area data centers or digital defense.

In the third business segment, Value Add Distribution, we often use existing products from the traditional embedded environment. Unlike traditional distributors, however, we are able to further refine these standard products or adapt them to customer-specific requirements. So if you want to update an existing product, e.g, a COM Express module from Congatec or another supplier, but also require further adaptations, then we at iesy are certainly the first choice. Regardless of whether you need different memory, prefer a special cooling solution, want to use additional input or output devices, or require a special logistics concept.

We cover your requirements and look forward to your inquiry.