Satellite communication

Satellite communication

Safe communications for helicopters

Modern armed forces rely on satellite communications during their missions. In order to flexibly and cost-efficiently connect areas of military operations with their home country, they use a mix of resources from military and commercial satellite capacities. iesy supplies modern hardware solutions for this scenario.

Optimum flexibility, maximum resilience and utmost cost-efficiency are three main criteria for satellite communications in the military space. This is true both for the use of such technology, but also for the production of suitable hardware. Access to voice, video, database and IP services must be safe at all times. Accordingly, the combined hardware and software must offer high performance to meet this need. Moreover, hardware components for satellite communications must be available for a long term - the common time span is 10-15 years.

iesy developed a communication module for satellite communication in German Armed Forces helicopters that can be used to establish voice and data connections, both on UHF / X and on C / Ku band. Failure safety and security of communication were the two key aspects that had to be considered in order to produce a reliable hardware solution for tactical transportation, search and rescue missions.

Technical data

  • Processor: Intel® Core™ 2 duo with 945 GM express chip set ( 2 × 1.66 GHz, 4 MB cache)
  • Cooling: Heat spreader, passively cooled
  • Bus speed: 667/533 MHz FSB
  • Dimensions: 286 mm × 113 mm × 19 mm
  • Operating temperature: -25°C ... +75°C ...
  • Integrated into special housing with heater board and passive cooling
  • Functions and interfaces:
    • 1 × network interface 10/100/1000 Mbit ethernet
    • 5 × USB 2.0
    • 1 × P-ATA
    • 1 × S-ATA
    • 1 × VGA analogue
    • 1 × DVI digital
    • 1 × sound AC97
    • 1 × firewire type A
    • 4 × ISDN
    • 2 × PCI
    • 2 × PCIe
    • 6 × RS232

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