Point of Sale terminals

Point of Sale terminals

Hardware for kiosk and information terminals

Technologies are increasingly impacting all areas of life, particularly in the service industry. At the airport you find check-in terminals to avoid queues; we have stopped going to the bank for cash ever since cash machines were introduced and even at gas stations you find interactive fuel pumps. Leading global companies rely on embedded computing systems from iesy for their Point of Sale products.

Kiosk systems are often subject to adverse weather conditions and therefore have particular requirements for an extended temperature range. iesy supplies custom computing systems for a number of PoS solutions, ranging from full-custom design to adapted mainboards including COM Express, Qseven or SMARC modules. Thanks to their modular approach, PoS systems are sustainable and future-oriented: new processor generations with higher performance can be replaced without having to exchange or replace the entire system. This saves time and money. 

Usually, Point of Sale solutions have high requirements in terms of graphics and processor performance, all the more so when multimedia content is played. In contrast to this, simple vending machines with few hardware needs require significantly fewer resources when they have a reduced user interface with or without touch screen. However, they might be more demanding in terms of security, energy efficiency and permanent operation. For many years, iesy has provided leading automation manufacturers with reliable, powerful and custom-made embedded systems - in many instances we have already managed the second or even third device generation.

Technical data


  • Dimensions: approx. 180 mm x approx. 100 mm x 20 mm ( W x H x D)
  • Power supply: 24 V-DC input voltage
  • CPU unit with i.MX7
  • Processor: NXP® / Freescale i.MX7 Dual Core
  • Multi Core: Dual Core (A7) & Heterogeneous (M4)
  • CPU clock: A7 = 2 x 1.0 GHz, M4 = 200 MHz
  • 2nd level cache: 512 KByte
  • Cooling solution: passive
  • RAM: 512 MB DDR3L onboard RAM
  • Flash: 512 MB onboard NAND Flash
  • Functions and interfaces:
    • 2 x USB 2.0, max. 2.5 Watt each, of which:
    • 1 x to USB type A standard connector, host
    • 1 x to Micro-USB-B standard connector, OTG
    • 1 x 10/100/1000 Mbit Ethernet, on standard RJ45 connector incl. LEDs
    • 1 x SD card slot, to accept optional SD memory cards, for configuration data
    • 2 x display connection, thereof:
    • 1 x RGB with up to 1920 x 1080, 24-bit, I²C touch control, on industrial 40-pin connector
    • 1 x LVDS display connector
    • 1 x CAN interface
    • 1 x I²C interface
    • 1 x eSSP interface
    • 2 x RS485 interface
    • 1 x RS232 interface, on 9-pin D-Sub connector, male
    • 1 x Real-Time-Clock, incl. exchangeable buffer battery, internal
    • 1 x MDB interface, 24 Volt DC, DC GND, Tx, Rx, Com GND, to 6 pin Molex 39-28-1063
      Connectors or similar
    • 1 x "Power" LED, single color (green), with "Powergood" signal
    • 1 x RESET button, miniature button
    • 8 x digital input, 24 Volt DC, on 2 x 8 pin Würth WR-TBL-3211-08 or comparable
    • 2 x digital input flowmeter, 24 Volt DC open-collector, on 8-pin Würth WR-TBL-3211-08 or comparable
    • 2 x digital output, PWM signal, 24 Volt DC, 8 Ampere, on 8 pin Würth WR-TBL-3211-08
      or comparable (on connectors with flowmeter inputs)
    • 2 x analog input, 0... 10 Volt DC, on 4-pin Würth WR-TBL-3211-04 or comparable
    • 2 x relay output, potential-free, with 2 x relays (switching capacity 60 Volt DC, 5 Ampere, 90 Watt,
    • 1 x NO contact each) to 4-pin Würth WR-TBL-3211-04 or comparable

IO board

  • Dimensions: approx. 100 mm x approx. 75 mm x approx. 22 mm
  • Power supply: 24 V-DC input voltage
  • Functions and interfaces
    • 1 x microcontroller, 8 or 16-bit microcontroller, MSP430 or comparable
    • 1 x JTAG interface
    • 1 x RS485 interface
    • 6 x MOSFET output
    • 1 x Potential-free changeover contact
    • 1 x potential-free solid-state contact
    • 5 x digital input
    • 1 x "Power" LED, single color (green), with "Powergood" signal

EEPROM - Memory module

  • Dimensions: approx. 20 mm x approx. 5 mm x approx. 30 mm
  • Functions and interfaces:
    • 1 x I²C - EEPROM, 128kb
    • 4 x connection cable, 150 mm
    • Power supply: 5 V-DCProcessor: Intel® Core™ i7-3517UE

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