Starter-kits & evaluation carrier boards

To achieve a quick start with COM Express, Qseven or SMARC, congatec offers evaluation carrier boards which route all signals to standard interface connectors. These eval carrier boards support you during development and can be extended with adapters and add-on cards if required.

conga-X7EVAL for COM Express Type 7

To achieve a fast start with COM Express type 7 modules, congatec offers the conga-X7EVAL evaluation carrier board that forwards all signals to standard interface connectors. A special feature is the integrated baseboard management controller (BMC), which in conjunction with 4 x 10 gigabit ethernet SFP+ interfaces provides for server performance.

conga-TEVAL for COM Express Type 6

With the conga-TEVAL Evaluation Carrier Board, congatec offers a quick-start solution for COM Express® compact and basic modules with type 6 connectors, which routes all COM Express® signals to standard interface connectors. PCI signals are also available, in addition to ethernet, HDMI and USB.

conga-MEVAL for COM Express Mini Type 10

The conga-MEVAL evaluation carrier board is specifically designed for a quick start with COM Express® mini modules (type 10 connectors). All internal and external COM Express® signals are routed to standard interface connectors and are thus available for testing.

conga-CEVAL for COM Express Type 2

The conga-CEVAL evaluation carrier board from congatec is suitable for COM Express® type 2 compact and basic modules. All interfaces are routed to standard connectors. 

conga-SEVAL for SMARC 2.0

A quick start with SMARC is easy with the conga-SEVAL evaluation carrier board by congatec. All SMARC signals are routed to standard interface connectors, including PCI express, SATA, USB, CAN and RS-232 as well as HDMI and DisplayPort. 

conga-QEVAL for Qseven 2.0

The conga-QEVAL evaluation carrier board by congatec is the perfect platform for a quick start with developing Qseven hardware. The conga-QEVAL is available for both ARM and x86 architectures and routes all signals of the Qseven module to internal and external standard connectors. Further information is available as data sheet, circuit diagram and user manual.