Custom starter-kits & eval-boards

Custom starter-kits and evaluation boards by iesy are the perfect starting point for the development of your project. All hardware features and interfaces you need to test your application are preconfigured for your convenience  and can be used immediately. And if you need adjustments and support, we are at your service.


We offer numerous starter-kits for a quick start of your project. According to your project specification and hardware features we find the most suitable solution and deliver pre-configured and pre-installed starter-kits. Our evaluation carrier boards support you in testing both ARM and x86 architectures. With the help of our partners, we are able to provide evaluation platforms of all kinds for a quick start, such as the following in-house solution for low-cost developments:

BeagleCore BCS1.STR

The BeagleCore BCS1.STR is a cost-effective starter-kit consisting of the BeagleCore BCM1.STR module and a specially designed baseboard with the module readily soldered. The dimensions and functions of the BeagleCore BCS1.STR correspond to those of BeagleBone Black. Expand the basic board with the help of capes to develop a solution that exactly meets your needs. Later we will develop a custom baseboard with the BeagleCore BCM1 soldering module as a starting-point.

Evaluation Boards

For more complex projects we use customer and project-specific evaluation boards. These high-performance platforms are specially tailored to your requirements and enable practical testing under real-life conditions. This way, applications and scenarios can be tested at a particularly early stage. In addition, a reference architecture is created which is available for tests and further developments and thus marks an important milestone in product lifecycle management. All evaluation boards are equipped with the necessary hardware features and have a pre-installed and pre-configured board support package (BSP) with adapted drivers. On the basis of these prototypes, minified and specially tailored individual hardware solutions (i.e. custom baseboards) with scalable computer on modules are being created.

iesy - Custom starter-kits & eval-boards