OS & drivers

OS & drivers

Perfect use of hardware

By using the optimal operating system for your embedded solution, you can reduce power consumption, increase performance and make better use of resources. We have specialized in the project-specific adaptation of Linux, Windows and Android for embedded systems and offer you support for modifying of standard BSPs and drivers for your application.

Operating Systems (OS)

Customer-specific hardware requires adapted drivers, therefore one of our key-competencies in software development is the customization of operating systems. We implement project-specific requirements for our customers and enable applications to access specific hardware resources or limit access or authorizations to specific features and functions. You benefit from our long-lasting experience with YOCTO and other Linux operating systems as well as from our expertise in Windows, Windows Embedded and Android.


In most embedded hardware projects, which we have developed for our customers in the past, specially adapted drivers have been used. One of our core competencies is the in-house development of specific drivers, especially for Linux. At higher levels, software can only access the individual features of the hardware components if the drivers perfectly match the hardware. When it comes to developing  and adapting  embedded software drivers, you benefit from our cross-industry and cross-platform know-how, our certified business processes and our target-oriented and cooperative team.

OS & drivers - Perfect use of hardware