OSM partnership launched with Mitwell Inc.

14. April 2023

Since 2019, the challenges of miniaturization, scalability and cost efficiency in the embedded industry have never been greater. With the development of Open Standard Module as well as the goal to drive a uniform standardization of computer modules, iesy GmbH as a founding member has set itself the task to market OSM worldwide.

Driving OSM forward together - Mitwell Inc. & iesy GmbH announce partnership. 

 "With Mitwell Inc. we already had the first talks about a partnership a long time ago. We are glad to have such a strong, strategic partner at our side. Together we are now developing new customer-specific solutions based on OSM", explains Dennis Nejdrowski, Head of Business Development at iesy GmbH. 

 In addition to the further development of the currently most extensive OSM portfolio on the market, the focus for the future is on further joint growth. 

 A new generation of OSM - iesy EHL OSM-LF & iesy APL OSM-LF 

Due to the partnership, four new OSM Size L modules could be developed on a prototype basis within a very short time. As a result of the cooperation, the first x86 OSM modules on the Intel® based processor platforms Apollo Lake and Elkhart Lake could already be presented at the Embedded World in March. This means that Windows applications can now also be implemented. This means that, in addition to ARM technologies, high-performance applications are now also covered. Not only the cost/& efficiency aspect comes to the fore here, but also the enormously fast and precise development work. Thus, in December 2022, the first discussions about new modules were held & in March 2023, already executable prototypes were presented. 

In addition to rapid development, fast availability also guaranteed

The development process for new OSM modules has already started and the first prototypes are expected in the second half of 2023. Due to the cooperation between Mitwell Inc. & iesy, four modules can already be presented: 

  • i.MX8M Plus OSM-LF  
  • AM335x OSM-LF  
  • APL OSM-LE  
  • EHL OSM-LE  

For more information on technical details, click here: Open Standard Module™ - The new standard for solder-on computer modules (